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tiny gardens is urban farming in your window sill. Grow your own delicious and tasty micro greens - it is easy, it is fast and with tiny gardens you can grow your own food with a good conscious too.


tiny gardens is all about taste. Do as the trendiest chefs: Use healthy and beautiful microgreens in your food. It is easy to get exactly the flavors you want. Try for example cultivating radish-, mustard or mizuna microgreens.


tiny gardens respect the environment. Our seeds are organic, our boxes are made of FSC labeled cardboard and the growing medium is made from a sustainable natural material. Sustainability is integrated into the entire process.


tiny gardens is a social enterprise. We are also working to create jobs for vulnerable people who find it difficult to enter the ordinary labor market.

It is easy 

Grow your own microgreens with theese 5 easy steps:

1) Water the hemp mat so it is soaking wet  

2) Add the organic seeds in an even layer on the hemp mat

3) Place the tiny garden in a light place - avoid too many hours of direct sun as this will burn the microgreens

4) Check every day, that the hemp mat is moist and water when needed

5) Harvest the microgreens after 7-14 days when the first leaves appears

6) Eat and enjoy!

 Buy your seeds here (website in Danish) - and please note, that we are only selling to cuntries within the EU. 

For promotional issues, white labels or becomming a reseller, please contact Helle Haugaard at +45 21781669 or