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tiny gardens is urban farming in your window sill. Grow your own delicious and tasty micro greens - it is easy, fast and with tiny gardens you can grow your own food, knowing that everything is organic, biodegradable and social responsible.

tiny gardens is all about taste. Do as the trendiest chefs: Use healthy and beautiful micro greens in your culinary endeavours or sprinkle on top for an additional dimension. It is easy to get exactly the flavours you want. Try for example cultivating radish-, mustard or mizuna micro greens. The taste is very intense giving a lot of flavour and richness in each bite.

tiny gardens respect the environment. Our seeds are organic, our boxes are made of FSC certified cardboard and the growing medium is made from natural grown hemp fibers. Sustainability is integrated into the entire process.

tiny gardens is also about social responsibility and clean consciousness. We are working on creating jobs for vulnerable people who find it difficult to enter the ordinary labour market. Today all tiny gardens are assembled by adults working in a sheltered workshop.

It is easy

Grow your own micro greens with these 5 easy steps:

1) Water the hemp mat so it is wet all over, but not soaking

2) Add the organic seeds evenly on the hemp mat

3) Place tiny garden in a light space avoiding direct sun, as this will burn the micro greens

4) Make sure, daily, that the hemp mat is moist and water if needed

5) Harvest the micro greens after 5 - 14 days when the first leaves appears


Please be aware that we are unable to sell tiny gardens outside the EU due to seed regulations.

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